Legal stuff


We just want to explain our copyright policy in four bullet points:

  • Don't make our videos downloadable on your website (unless the user has to copy and paste the URL.)
  • Don't make money out of our videos.
  • You can remix, comment or criticize our videos without having to ask us for permission.
  • We'll always credit other content owners that we use in our videos in the description. (Unless it's public domain or it doesn't say who it's created by.)


We respect your privacy. We use Google Analytics to see who is visiting our site. It will give us the country that you've visited it from (you can change whether to make this visible or not in your browser's settings.) We also use a RevolverMaps globe (it's at the bottom of every page.) This records your approximate location(unless you're in private browsing mode) in which case it will just record the continent. We have this purely so you can see how many people from all around the world have visited this site.

"Share" buttons

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus tend to make their own social media buttons for us website owners to embed. However, the only downside to these is they tend to track how you use the site, and even when you leave this site, without your explicit consent. This is why we've decided to make our own. (It's also because ours look prettier!)

We've made our own purely so when you visit our site, you're not tracked by anyone that you don't know about. Here's an example as to what these buttons look like:


But once you click those buttons, by doing so, you accept the Privacy Policies and everything else of that particular website.

Google Translate widgets

On the top of every page is a widget saying, "Select language" in the language which Google thinks you speak (this has nothing to do with us, by the way!) Either way, click the widget and it will pop up with a series of languages. Whichever language you click on will be sent to Google Analytics. We collect this information so we can add subtitles for that particular language on our YouTube videos and to improve the experience on this site overall.

Do we sell information we gather to third parties?

No, we don't sell any of your information to third parties. Or to anyone, for that matter.


Google Analytics implant cookies (tiny bits of information) into your browser purely so we can see who's visited the site before and who hasn't. You can clear Cookies in your browser settings. Chrome users, go to chrome://settings, search Cookies and then Clear browsing data. You can do this as often as you like.


Javascript is a programming language for web designers which help users carry out certain functions, such as displaying animations. It can also be used to track people (which we don't do: see Privacy.) Here's a list of stuff that will be affected if you turn JavaScript off:

  • The loading circle on the homepage won't disappear from the screen (we're planning to remove this in the near future.)
  • Google Translate & RevolverMaps widgets won't show
  • Smooth scrolling won't work (it will just go to the place on the page that the link is pointing you to.)


We constantly test our website for accessibility on different browsers. We support the current and past two versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera as well as many others. However, we may not support minor Linux browsers (you'll still be able to see text and pictures, but for best results on Linux, please, just use Chrome.)

We use YouTube for our videos and most things are supported by accessibility software. Anything that is used purely for decoration is hidden from software so it doesn't just read out random code.

Not only that, but we have also made buttons on tablets with icons larger so they're easier to tap. We've currently introduced it on and all future blog posts.