Turning on notifications

Select the service you'd like to turn on notifications for and continue! Or just scroll down.

Turn on notifications

We made this page for existing subscribers who are stuck as to turn on notifications on Facebook & YouTube.


  1. Go to facebook.com/mrredblob or search for Mr Red Blob. Click the page with the username @mrredblob
  2. Click or tap Following (or press "Follow" to follow us first.)
  3. Click the pencil next to Notifications.
  4. Turn on all notifications then press Done.


This is simpler than Facebook, so let's go!

  1. Go to our YouTube channel (shortcut: go to mrredblob.com/youtube.)
  2. Press the Subscribe button
  3. Click the notifications (bell.) Click or tap the bell. When clicked, it should look like notifications_active this.

These instructions can be used across Facebook and YouTube for other pages and channels and are not exclusive for our channel.